Rezovation Booking Engine? Switch now and Get $200 Back

If you use Rezovation for your website’s booking engine, or a similar service like Webervations or other product, consider switching today and get $200.00 back.  Do you want to save a lot of money AND have a superior booking engine for your website?  Check out (Instant World Booking), and learn why our booking engine services are better than Rezovation and the rest: offers a superior and more flexible solution for your website’s booking engine.  If you’re already using Rezovation, just compare costs and features.  There’s no obligation or cost to check out a demo booking engine from   So, why overpay?  We already offer lower rates than Rezovation and other competing providers.  We also offer more services and options, including deposit and payment options not available elsewhere.  In addition to our already lower rates, when you switch now from a competing provider, receive an additional $200.00 back.  Contact us today for more details and to receive your demo.

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RezOvation Pricing

If you’ve been reading our Intelligence for B&Bblog, you know that believes in transparency, especially when it comes to pricing of services for your B&B.  Occasionally, we profile other services which compete with ours.  We don’t care so much that mentioning competing services basically amounts to free advertising for those services.  We’re more interested in transparency for you, our consumers and clients.  So, when selecting services for publishing, marketing, and booking your bed & breakfast, please remember to compare prices.  And, don’t overpay!

Rezovation offers services for property management and online reservations.  As a business manager, if price is important to you, please do compare.  According to the website, the minimum cost for Rezovation GT Online is $50 per month.  But, that’s for just the smallest B&Bs of 1-4 rooms.  If you have at least 10 rooms, the price more than doubles to $110, and for large properties (50+ rooms), may be at least $300 per month, with an added setup fee of $999.00!  Yes, Rezovation GT is a great property management tool for those who want to lay out the cash, but there are many cheaper alternatives for small inn businesses.  Again, the prices quoted here are directly from the Rezovation website (by Instant World Booking) offers a premier online booking service, including credit card acceptance.  Booking engines for your website is a particular specialty of ours.  If you have the cash to pay for the competing Rezovation GT service, and want online bookings, there is an additional per-reservation fee up to 30%.  For more on the additional fees see our separate article at:

Now, compare with (by Instant World Booking).  If you want a fully integrated booking engine for your website, you can choose from many custom options starting at our lowest cost of just 1.9% of total reservation volume.  This is the absolute industry low for a booking engine on your website.

What about credit card processing?  Rezovation GT offers optional credit card processing for an additional monthly service fee and per-transaction fees.  Note that this is above and beyond the fees you are paying to maintain your own merchant account. on the other hand offers integrated credit card collection for your online bookings, and you do not even need your own merchant account.

Finally, if you want to connect to the Global Distribution System (GDS), Rezovation GT offers a premium option, allowing you to connect for just $649 + $15.50 per reservation + $250 / yr maintenance after first year.

For an unlimited budget, there are many services out there that can maximize your online exposure.  At (Instant World Booking), we offer the maximum cost-effectiveness for online exposure.  Don’t pay the high prices unless you’ve tried Instant World Booking first.  If you don’t like your experience, you can always try the others and pay higher prices later.

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Bed and Breakfasts on the Leading Edge of Innovation and Ingenuity

As many of you know, is part of the Instant World Booking organization, which includes over 100+ brands of online marketing and booking engines.  At BedBreakfastTraveler, B&Bs are our specialty, but we also have keen insights into other lodging markets.

While it may not sound fair, some other lodging sectors consider their marketing strategies to be at the leading edge of innovation and ingenuity.  But where do bed and breakfasts figure into this?  B&Bs in North America don’t have the reputation of being cutting edge in terms of marketing or technology.  This also may not be a fair assessment, since there are many inn properties that are up-and-coming into the 21st century age of internet marketing.  But there are some important lessons that our friends and partners in North America and elsewhere can learn from their counterparts in other markets.

Many online booking services know that B&Bs are behind the curve in technology, and they may sometimes take advantage of this fact by overcharging for their services.  This is perhaps the first and greatest lesson that bed and breakfasts can learn: Don’t Overpay for online marketing services!  When it comes to online booking services, many of the availability calendars out there that cater to B&Bs are vestiges of technology platforms that are 15-20 years old. Travel industry technology has undergone a revolution since the 1980’s and B&Bs should be seeking out the best technologies available for their purposes today.

So, in short, there are 2 great lessons you can learn.  1) Don’t overpay for online marketing services, and 2) Take advantage of the latest technologies. offers some leading edge services for B&Bs that we want you to compare with your current providers.  Three areas where can enhance your bottom line are by 1) offering the lowest cost for online booking services versus all the competition, 2) setting up custom booking engines to work on your very own website (again at the lowest cost versus any competitor), and 3) offering credit card acceptance for your business without costly merchant accounts, credit checks, etc.

So, if you’re a bed and breakfast looking to try something new, and start actively improving your profit margin, contact BedBreakfastTraveler and ask how we can beat your current provider’s services.

Tip:  Don’t worry about replacing or dropping any current services you use.  Evidence consistently shows that by simply adding to the list of providers you use can improve your bottom line without dropping any other services.

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