Questions about’s Booking Engine for B&B Websites

Maybe you’re considering a new booking engine for your bed and breakfast website.  Maybe you’re looking for a better solution at a lower price.  Here are some of the questions you should be asking:

  1. What do you mean by “almost cost-free solution”?
  2. Are my customers charged a service fee?
  3. Can I still keep all my other third party services and software when I use this booking engine for my website?
  4. Am I required to use other services or software by Instant World Booking?
  5. What is Full No-show (failure to arrive) and Cancellation protection?
  6. How do I receive my deposit payments?
  7. What special discounts are available if I switch today from a competing provider?

To get the answer to these and other important questions about booking engines for your website, please see: Bed and Breakfast Booking Engines and DEMOS.

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