IWBMob is a New Mobile Booking Technology

Bed Breakfast Traveler is a brand operated under the Instant World Booking umbrella. A few weeks ago we introduced a brand new concept in mobile booking.  Yes, Bed and Breakfasts can be booked on the fly, from anywhere. And, as an innkeeper you can host your booking engine on your B&B website, and be assured that people from any location using any type of devise can book your rooms instantly. This includes users of mobile phones, tablets, and any computer.

The first phase of this re-branding has just been released. It’s a mobile-first design. This means that your profile page, and the entire booking process, has been redesigned. Our new design features leading edge mobile aesthetics and streamlined user experience. For users of our new booking engine, the experience will surpass almost any modern booking site available today.

What does mobile-first mean?
Mobile-first means that our site will respond flexibly to all types of computers and devices, with an emphasis on mobile users. After all, more than 25% of worldwide travel bookings are made on mobile devices.  In the coming weeks, additional phases of our IWBmob re-branding will be visible across our entire website.

One thing to consider when selecting your primary booking engine is this. Have you gone through the booking process on multiple different mobile devices such as an iPhone, an Android phone, and a tablet?  Are the email confirmations that your guests receive equally mobile-friendly? Instant World Booking has this all covered for you.

We invite you to check out your new profile pages.  We’re sure you’ll agree that it works better on mobile devices, and is easy for users, than most other booking sites.

Here are some of best profiles we’ve seen. We recommend you check them out for ideas. Remember, add your best photos!

Hotel Convento Santa Catalina, Guatemala
Wander Inn Bunbury, Australia
Amigos Hostel Cozumel, Mexico
Bondalem Beach Club, Indonesia
New Ostel Florence, Italy
Nanu Guesthouse, South Korea

We will soon introduce some innovative methods of integrating your IWB experience with Facebook and other social media. These are brand new innovations that are currently not used by any other booking service. Look for future announcements to learn how to take advantage of these innovations.

For more information, please see:



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Hurricane Sandy forum introduced by PAII

PAII CEO, Jay Karen and Lisa Kolb, owner of Acorn Internet Services, met at the Washington B&B Guild Annual Meeting earlier this week. Due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy and the relatively little information we’ve been hearing about impacted B&Bs and inns, the two thought a more public-access information sharing site would be helpful.

From that discussion, PAII has since created a public forum for the innkeeping industry to post any innkeeper needs, as well as offerings of help those affected. This forum is the place to go to post any requests for assistance or awareness of the need for assistance of your peers on the East coast, and to offer help in whatever way you can.  Some examples of needs might be finding places for guests who had reservations at now-closed B&Bs, knowledge of any trouble getting a response from insurance carriers, supplies, places for weary innkeepers to stay or relax, etc.

Visit www.innkeeping.org/sandy and you’ll see the Hurricane Sandy forum. Once inside the forum, use the two conversations to post your information.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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#1 Beach in America – Siesta Key Sarasota Florida

As a bed and breakfast in a tourist area, you want to include as much value-added information for your guests as possible, especially on your website.  Provide links to important articles on blogs and other websites dealing with the latest tourism news in your area.  Here is just one example, dealing with Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida, which has been voted the number 1 beach in the USA.

Sand is pretty shifty stuff. No beach is static. All sand moves up and down the coastline because of wind, storms and ocean currents. The shifting dune is a common phenomenon in sandy areas. If the sand is eroding in one place, it’s building up somewhere else. Prevailing winds roll the surface sand from the bottom of the windward side of the dune over the top and down the leeward side, so that in time the entire dune may be rolled for miles.

Bed and Breakfast Florida

Nobody can calculate how many eons of time have passed since Siesta Key sand first appeared from fragmented rock, but Siesta Key sand is quite old. We know this not only because of the very fine grains, but also because other components of the original rock, such as feldspar, mica and other minerals, have almost completely disappeared, leaving only the extremely hard quartz.

Siesta Key’s beaches have been recognized for cleanliness, water quality and safety by one of the world’s top experts, Dr. Stephen Leatherman (also known as “Dr. Beach”) of the National Healthy Beaches Campaign, and qualifies as a Blue Wave Beach by the Clean Beaches Council. The Travel Channel ranks Siesta as one of Florida’s, and America’s, top ten beaches.

So now you know why Siesta Key sand is ranked tops in the world. It feels soft and cool to your bare feet, even in the strongest Florida sun – and that means great beach walking. Sculptors love it too, because it packs down firm and smooth, which makes for awesome sand sculptures at the island’s sand sculpting contests.

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Lowest Price Refund Guarantee – by BedBreakfastTraveler.com

BedBreakfastTraveler (Instant World Booking) is your cheapest option for bed & breakfasts, inns, and hotels around the world. 

Our new Lowest Price Refund Guarantee is a promise that you won’t find cheaper B&B prices elsewhere.  We’re cheaper than BedandBreakfast.com, Iloveinns.com, bbfinder.com, and all the rest.

We offer a guarantee that you’ll receive the lowest available price.  So, don’t bother looking any further.  Reserve with confidence knowing that, if you do find a lower price, we’ll refund you double the difference.  It’s that simple.

How can we offer this incredible guarantee?  Because, BedBreakfastTraveler is one of the most economical online reservation providers, serving over 10,000 unique bed & breakfasts and specialty inns and hotels worldwide.   And, because we provide superior service and technology, we don’t gouge our accommodation partners with exorbitant commissions.  So, we can pass on the savings to our travelers.

About our Lowest Price Refund Guarantee

We are absolutely committed to offering the lowest prices for hostels.  You can now book with confidence, because you won’t find any of our hostels cheaper elsewhere on the internet.   If you are able to find a better deal for the same travel dates and with the same booking conditions, we’ll refund double the difference.  See more about the terms of our Lowest Price Refund Guarantee below.  We think you’ll agree that no better guarantee is offered anywhere.

Lowest Price Refund Guarantee – Terms

(1)  Contact us within 7 days of booking your accommodation through BedBreakfastTraveler (Instant World Booking), or one of our 100+ travel websites.  Your booking must be completed on one of Instant World Booking’s websites, not a lodging’s website or other affiliate site.

(2)  Tell us the details of the lower rate you were offered.  The lower price must be available to book during the 7 day period following your reservation, and we need to be able to verify the offer.

(3)  The guarantee will not apply to lower prices advertised within 7 days of arrival date.

(4)  The lower price must be available on a website other than bedbreakfasttraveler.com.

(5)  The “lower price” consists of the total cost of the reservation, including the daily rate, any included meals and extras, and all booking fees and taxes.  The “lower price” must be found on a website for an equivalent room at the same lodging accommodation for the same period as your reservation, and with the same conditions.

(6)  Instant World Booking will make refunds only if your reservation through Instant World Booking completed and not cancelled or the subject of a no-show.   Refunds will only be given after the departure date, once the terms of your reservation have been fully completed.

(7)  If a refund is given, you are still bound by the terms and conditions of your existing reservation confirmed through Instant World Booking.

(8)  The lowest price guarantee does not apply to accommodation reserved in combination with a membership rate, frequent stay, reward type program, or special promotion offered by the accommodation provider.

(9)  The lower price must be a regularly advertised price for your reserved hotel, not a price received from an ‘opaque’ site or auction site, where the exact location or price is not known until after booking.

(10)  The maximum refund that will be provided by Instant World Booking is limited to the total confirmation payment made at the time of your reservation.

(11)  Instant World Booking reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior warning or notification.

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Negative Reviews – Can they Help or Hurt your Business

A while back we published an article on how “Fake” reviews can impact your bed and breakfast’s online business.  Read it again here:


Now, there’s some new evidence posted at BedandBreakfast.com on how negative reviews can actually help your business.  For more about bed and breakfasts and reviews, see the following links:


If you’re afraid of negative reviews, and whether they can hurt your B&B, or any small business for that matter, read:


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Fake User Reviews – Do They Really Hurt Your B&B Hotel Business?

When we began BedBreakfastTraveler’s Intelligence for B&B’s Blog, we committed to bringing you indispensable advice and guidance for marketing your bed and breakfast or small hotel online. We also will bring you advice on some quite controversial topics. Yes, these are the topics that most marketing experts hesitate to mention to their clients. But, there are some very controversial topics out there that everyone wonders about, and a few worry about.

So, we’re kicking off this blog with a very controversial topic these days — Fake User Reviews. Yes, these are traveler reviews that hotels may write about themselves, or that competing hotels may write about their neighboring properties. Sometimes they’re even written by guests who have never stayed at the B&B they’re reviewing. Some are written for personal gain, or for the detriment of others.

One thing in common for all fake user reviews is that they’re WRONG. Not only are they ethically wrong, but writing a false review breaks international rules of commerce and violates the terms and conditions of every online service that features online reviews.

The real questions likely to be on your mind are (1) why are fake reviews written, (2) do they really hurt my business, and (3) can I do anything about them?

There are any number of reasons why people write false reviews. The whole premise of online user reviews is that people like to have a voice, and communicate with an otherwise anonymous audience. When websites feature a product or service, and then ask the public for their opinions, the result is often an instant flurry of comments. Let’s face it, people have strong opinions about things, and like to be heard. Entertain these inborn human characteristics with a simple online interface allowing anyone to reach thousands or even millions of readers, and you have instant success.

Going hand in hand with the instant success, you have the negative side of human nature. People begin to figure how to game the system, to enhance ratings for their own product or service, and drag down that of their competitors. Enter the fake review. As an online marketing expert, I’ve seen virtually every form of falsified review being published on the internet. These fall into basically two categories, basically others (guests and competitors) who want to see you fail, and reviews you may solicit (or write yourself) for personal gain. Bed and breakfast and small hotel managers should never participate or encourage this activity. Marketing time and efforts are best spent elsewhere.

The biggest reason for not participating in fake reviews is that, 9 out of 10 times, false reviews are usually recognized as being false. In fact, most fake review attempts are so blatant, it’s almost ridiculous. When a B&B has only 1 or 2 reviews written, and these have 100% ratings, readers discount them as false. When excellent reviews sound like marketing proposals, they’re discounted as false. When reviews for international hotels are written by guests from English speaking countries, and are written in broken English, the review is discounted as false. Participate in any false reviewing activity, and risk being banned by the host services.

But do fake reviews always hurt your business? Not really. If it’s true that falsified positive reviews never help business, it is equally true that fake negative reviews usually don’t hurt either. In fact, there is a theory that negative reviews can have an equally and offsetting positive impact on the popularity of the subject B&B or hotel. Consider the person with a grudge that signs into several websites to write negative reviews. While the impact of the actual review comments will be watered down over time, the mere mention of you property in these new online locations will tend to boost your search engine popularity. This is especially true if your website’s URL is included in the review text. Combine this with the fact that online review readers have learned how to decipher false and true comments about bed and breakfasts, and there’s not much to really worry about.

So, can you really do anything about fake reviews and the minimally negative impact they may have on your B&B business? Yes. Our primary advice is to simply not participate in any false reviewing activities, whether negative or positive. This is a waste of time, and will only reduce the credibility of your business. You’re also more likely to get banned from some of the valuable online marketing services you subscribe to. Secondly, if you suspect any false reviewing campaigns being carried out against your B&B or small hotel, don’t worry. These are not likely to have any large or lasting impact. Simply contact the host services that are publishing these reviews to report the suspected violations. A positive step you can take to promote positive and accurate reviews is to simply ask your guests to write reviews on their experience. Ask them to write their reviews on reputable host services like BedBreakfastTraveler or Trip Advisor.

Finally, how can you find out if there any reviews being written about you on the internet? That’s simple. Use a popular search engine like Google or Yahoo, and enter your property name followed by the word “reviews” (or “traveler reviews”) in the search bar. You are likely to come up with any recent comments being published about you.

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