IWBMob is a New Mobile Booking Technology

Bed Breakfast Traveler is a brand operated under the Instant World Booking umbrella. A few weeks ago we introduced a brand new concept in mobile booking.  Yes, Bed and Breakfasts can be booked on the fly, from anywhere. And, as an innkeeper you can host your booking engine on your B&B website, and be assured that people from any location using any type of devise can book your rooms instantly. This includes users of mobile phones, tablets, and any computer.

The first phase of this re-branding has just been released. It’s a mobile-first design. This means that your profile page, and the entire booking process, has been redesigned. Our new design features leading edge mobile aesthetics and streamlined user experience. For users of our new booking engine, the experience will surpass almost any modern booking site available today.

What does mobile-first mean?
Mobile-first means that our site will respond flexibly to all types of computers and devices, with an emphasis on mobile users. After all, more than 25% of worldwide travel bookings are made on mobile devices.  In the coming weeks, additional phases of our IWBmob re-branding will be visible across our entire website.

One thing to consider when selecting your primary booking engine is this. Have you gone through the booking process on multiple different mobile devices such as an iPhone, an Android phone, and a tablet?  Are the email confirmations that your guests receive equally mobile-friendly? Instant World Booking has this all covered for you.

We invite you to check out your new profile pages.  We’re sure you’ll agree that it works better on mobile devices, and is easy for users, than most other booking sites.

Here are some of best profiles we’ve seen. We recommend you check them out for ideas. Remember, add your best photos!

Hotel Convento Santa Catalina, Guatemala
Wander Inn Bunbury, Australia
Amigos Hostel Cozumel, Mexico
Bondalem Beach Club, Indonesia
New Ostel Florence, Italy
Nanu Guesthouse, South Korea

We will soon introduce some innovative methods of integrating your IWB experience with Facebook and other social media. These are brand new innovations that are currently not used by any other booking service. Look for future announcements to learn how to take advantage of these innovations.

For more information, please see:



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Why a Booking Engine on your Website is Vitally Important for B&Bs

Here are some reasons why instant online booking capability on a Bed & Breakfast’s website is vitally important:

  1. B&B’s can offer incentive pricing for direct booking on their website versus OTAs.
  2. Encourages international guests, and can actually increase the diversity of guest demographics.
  3. Helps capture reservations from potential guests that would otherwise leave the website and search elsewhere (the fact is, most guests are searching multiple accommodations on the internet, and just don’t want to waste time emailing or calling).
  4. A well-integrated Booking Engine raises the credibility bar for a B&B.  Properties using freebee booking buttons, old style email request forms, or PayPal-style payment buttons are often perceived by guests as amateurish or “low-budget”.  This is a perception that, rightly or wrongly, reflects how well the B&B manages their accommodations.
  5. The importance of collecting deposits online with a booking cannot be overlooked.  Most free booking buttons don’t offer this.  Additionally, a well-established Booking Engine that can verify customer credit cards, and handle collections in multiple currencies is important, particularly in many regions.  Many international guests will not be able to book if their cards are being declined by second-rate providers and merchant accounts.  Most innkeepers don’t know that even PayPal restricts payments from cardholders in many countries.  These are questions that all innkeepers should be asking when selecting a Booking Engine provider.

So, if you are an innkeeper or manager of a small hotel, consider how online booking capability may enhance your business.  Ask questions, and consider several providers before selecting one that’s right for you.

For some ideas on how BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking) can improve your website with a Booking Engine, visit:



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Top Bed and Breakfasts with the Best Offerings

Bed and breakfasts promise the warmth and comfort of home for those on the road. But, how many of us are cozily welcomed home with a glass of wine by the fire or awoken by the smell of coffee and freshly baked scones every day?

Like at your most generous friend’s house, the innkeepers live on site, so they know the area backwards and front and they can’t wait to show you the best of it. The houses themselves, often in an idyllic setting, harbor a rich history and ooze character.


Whether they’re haunted, were once homes of grand families, or have been passed down by generations of B&B owners, every portrait and floral bedspread tells a story.





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#1 Beach in America – Siesta Key Sarasota Florida

As a bed and breakfast in a tourist area, you want to include as much value-added information for your guests as possible, especially on your website.  Provide links to important articles on blogs and other websites dealing with the latest tourism news in your area.  Here is just one example, dealing with Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida, which has been voted the number 1 beach in the USA.

Sand is pretty shifty stuff. No beach is static. All sand moves up and down the coastline because of wind, storms and ocean currents. The shifting dune is a common phenomenon in sandy areas. If the sand is eroding in one place, it’s building up somewhere else. Prevailing winds roll the surface sand from the bottom of the windward side of the dune over the top and down the leeward side, so that in time the entire dune may be rolled for miles.

Bed and Breakfast Florida

Nobody can calculate how many eons of time have passed since Siesta Key sand first appeared from fragmented rock, but Siesta Key sand is quite old. We know this not only because of the very fine grains, but also because other components of the original rock, such as feldspar, mica and other minerals, have almost completely disappeared, leaving only the extremely hard quartz.

Siesta Key’s beaches have been recognized for cleanliness, water quality and safety by one of the world’s top experts, Dr. Stephen Leatherman (also known as “Dr. Beach”) of the National Healthy Beaches Campaign, and qualifies as a Blue Wave Beach by the Clean Beaches Council. The Travel Channel ranks Siesta as one of Florida’s, and America’s, top ten beaches.

So now you know why Siesta Key sand is ranked tops in the world. It feels soft and cool to your bare feet, even in the strongest Florida sun – and that means great beach walking. Sculptors love it too, because it packs down firm and smooth, which makes for awesome sand sculptures at the island’s sand sculpting contests.

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Get Free PPC (Pay per click) Advertising from BedBreakfastTraveler.com

BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking) has proven to be very successful in gaining top search engine rankings for its listed bed & breakfast partners. One reason it is important to use the instant booking method is that we use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to market your property on Google and other sites. Use of a PPC campaign can cost you hundreds of US dollars each month. However, for our B&B and hotel partners who use instant booking, we advertise your property in PPC campaigns for free.

For more information and tips on how to step-up your online marketing, check out:

Online Marketing Tips by Instant World Booking

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Bed and Breakfasts on the Leading Edge of Innovation and Ingenuity

As many of you know, BedBreakfastTraveler.com is part of the Instant World Booking organization, which includes over 100+ brands of online marketing and booking engines.  At BedBreakfastTraveler, B&Bs are our specialty, but we also have keen insights into other lodging markets.

While it may not sound fair, some other lodging sectors consider their marketing strategies to be at the leading edge of innovation and ingenuity.  But where do bed and breakfasts figure into this?  B&Bs in North America don’t have the reputation of being cutting edge in terms of marketing or technology.  This also may not be a fair assessment, since there are many inn properties that are up-and-coming into the 21st century age of internet marketing.  But there are some important lessons that our friends and partners in North America and elsewhere can learn from their counterparts in other markets.

Many online booking services know that B&Bs are behind the curve in technology, and they may sometimes take advantage of this fact by overcharging for their services.  This is perhaps the first and greatest lesson that bed and breakfasts can learn: Don’t Overpay for online marketing services!  When it comes to online booking services, many of the availability calendars out there that cater to B&Bs are vestiges of technology platforms that are 15-20 years old. Travel industry technology has undergone a revolution since the 1980’s and B&Bs should be seeking out the best technologies available for their purposes today.

So, in short, there are 2 great lessons you can learn.  1) Don’t overpay for online marketing services, and 2) Take advantage of the latest technologies.

BedBreakfastTraveler.com offers some leading edge services for B&Bs that we want you to compare with your current providers.  Three areas where BedBreakfastTraveler.com can enhance your bottom line are by 1) offering the lowest cost for online booking services versus all the competition, 2) setting up custom booking engines to work on your very own website (again at the lowest cost versus any competitor), and 3) offering credit card acceptance for your business without costly merchant accounts, credit checks, etc.

So, if you’re a bed and breakfast looking to try something new, and start actively improving your profit margin, contact BedBreakfastTraveler and ask how we can beat your current provider’s services.

Tip:  Don’t worry about replacing or dropping any current services you use.  Evidence consistently shows that by simply adding BedBreakfastTraveler.com to the list of providers you use can improve your bottom line without dropping any other services.

Join BedBreakfastTraveler

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Post Your Bed & Breakfast Videos Here – Free Advertising

Post your Bed and Breakfast videos on BedBreakfastTraveler’s Blog:


Now, BedBreakfastTraveler.com invites you to post your videos on our blog.  This is an excellent way to increase your online marketing presence.  It’s free, and you do not need to have a listing on the Instant World Booking service.  See instructions below.

Video on the internet is on the rise, and is playing a dominant role in the future of web strategies.  Just think, in the USA alone, users are viewing 17 billion videos monthly.  “Having gone from zero to mass market globally in three short years, online video is the fastest-growing media platform in history”, according to a new report from social media research consultancy Trendstream and research firm Lightspeed.

When it comes to travel and B&B marketing, video is an emerging trend.  What bed and breakfast, inn or guesthouse hasn’t already published photos of their accommodations online?  If you haven’t, rest assured, some of your guests are posting photos with reviews of your amenities on multiple websites around the globe.

Bed & Breakfasts and hotels of all kinds are increasingly producing videos of their accommodations.  Easily created by the amateur innkeeper/photographer, a video can add a promotional dimension that was previously inaccessible to small hotels and B&Bs.  One of the easiest ways to share video with a broad base of customers today is on YouTube.com.  Signing up and posting your videos on YouTube is easy and free.

So add your bed & breakfast or hotel videos at one of BedBreakfastTraveler’s blog.  This is a great additional channel for advertising your lodging property, gaining additional exposure, and increasing bookings.  It’s free and no listing on our service is required.  There’s no additional obligation.  All you need to get started is a video posted on your YouTube account.


Instructions for posting videos on BedBreakfastTraveler’s blog:

Our Blog allows you to share YouTube videos with ease, and supports the latest high quality video protocols (360p and HD quality 720p).  It will even be viewable on iPod and iPhone.

Step 1:  Register at our blog:


Step 2:  Submit a post about your property at the following page:


Step 3:  Insert a video link in your post

To insert a YouTube video in your posts, paste the YouTube video URL directly into the text of your post with a prefix of httpv:// (notice the ‘v’).

Important:The URL should just be copied into your post normally and the letter ‘v’ added, do not create a clickable link (i.e., with <a> tags)!

Example:  httpv ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKjgajXePd8

If you want to embed high quality video (for videos that have them) use httpvh:// instead (Video High).

If you want to embed HD Quality (DVD quality 720p) video use httpvhd:// instead (Video High Defintion).

To embed playlists use httpvp:// (eg. httpvp ://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=528026B4F7B34094)

–  httpv:// – regular video

–  httpvh:// – high quality

–  httpvhd:// – HD quality

–  httpvp:// – playlist

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Bed and Breakfast Accommodation for Progressive Travelers

For as long as bed & breakfast hotels have been around they have offered their guests lodging at reasonable rates. It used to be that all you expected from a B&B was the basics, a firm bed, a shower and a cooked breakfast in the morning for a good price. Generally coming second to hotel accommodation, B&B’s rarely competed with a hotel for luxury and services offered.

However a new trend for travelers in the 21st century, particularly in North America, is to look at the B&B sector for their accommodation needs. There are various reasons for this turn-around, but the main one is that with the downturn in the economy people still wish to travel but now need to tighten their belts. Looking at bed & breakfast options makes economical sense.  

The increase seen in the bed and breakfast occupancy comes from all sectors, the domestic market, international travelers seeking unique holiday accommodation and corporate travelers. As a result, more B&B’s, country inns and bed and breakfast hotels are updating their properties to offer luxury furnishings and provide additional services.

By offering attractive packages and pricing structures to travelers, B&B’s are able to compete with local hotels. Frequent traveler programs are popular with guests and aim to produce business and encourage returning customers. These types of programs generally involve free nights or discounts after a certain number of nights.

Americans often work long hours and time off is cherished, getting away for a few days is a welcome break from routine. A weekend getaway is the perfect way to distance yourself and within most people’s time limits. Business travelers are often encouraged to stay at a particular B&B if it offers a frequency traveler program and has the added advantage of free Wi-Fi. Other business friendly facilities, such as a desk in the room, copy and fax machines, relaxed cancellation policies, and allowed late check-in and early breakfast are also enticements to book at particular bed and breakfast hotels rather than a hotel. Companies also prefer the fact that they are able to hire the whole inn as it means they are likely to get the hotel management’s complete attention whereas if they had booked at a large convention hotel they would be competing with lots of other groups.

B&B’s also offer a unique way to experience the customs and daily life of a particular city. Often located right in the city centre they can also provide a higher level of attention to their guests and offer competitively priced rooms. As a guest in a chain hotel you are likely to see the staff when you check in and again when you check out, staying in smaller bed & breakfast hotels enables you to meet the owners and their staff, people who have the time to give you advice and information on the city. There are also possibilities to spend time in communal rooms where you can meet fellow travelers.

Many people prefer the intimate atmosphere of a B&B in comparison to a hotel which can be sterile and noisy, and staff often have less time to interact with their guests. B&B’s offer travelers unique features and stand out by their friendly atmosphere and personal touch.  Guests of B&B’s are not just looking for a room to sleep in but the whole experience of staying in a lodging that enables them to meet interesting people and receive all the luxuries they would expect from any accommodation choice. 

In general staying in a bed and breakfast offers you more services and options than traditional hotels are able to and is a new and completely different experience to staying in a hotel, it can certainly make your stay in the city a much more pleasurable event. The increase in popularity seen in B&B accommodation is not only experienced in the United States and Canada, but also abroad in European countries and other destinations around the world.

For bed and breakfast in USA look online for instant B&B rates and availability.

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Return on Investment and the Lifetime Value of a Guest

We recently read with great interest the blog entries by Eric Goldreyer, the CEO of Bedandbreakfast.com. Intelligent and well-spoken, Eric speaks in one article of the Lifetime Value of a Guest. In short, this is the value a B&B earns over a lifetime by bringing in one guest. Lifetime Value of a Guest is usually multiples of the earnings on just the first reservation. The article is worth reading and has several good points to be driven home to innkeepers.

Where we stopped short in our tracks is when Eric illustrates the concept with a typical example. He uses 25% as the typical cost of a reservation. He then goes through the calcuation and reinforces that ROI (Return on Investment) is a primary consideration for bed and breakfast owners.

Please allow me to emphasize, well no … proclaim loudly, that 25% is not anywhere near a good value for B&B innkeepers to be paying for a reservation. Even when the lietime cost of acquiring a client is maybe half of this (12.6% as Eric Goldreyer goes on to explain in his article), it’s still not a bargain for the hotel.

When CEOs of online booking services announce publicly that typical costs of acquiring guests are in the 25% range, it makes us wonder where all the value is going with the high technology available today. In this particular case BedandBreakfast.com is a proponent of all the right concepts, as stated in their other blog entries, including “online reservations, leveraging ratings and reviews, frequent stay programs, etc.” These are all the concepts we at BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking) have been talking about for year. Nevertheless, consider that the cost structure we are able to offer to you, the innkeeper, are roughly one-third the amount you’ll be paying as suggested by Goldreyer above.

This is why we are imploring all bed and breakfasts and small hotels to consider alternatives to their online marketing strategies. Another well-written article by Eric Goldreyer speaks of how to think about return on investment (ROI) for your online marketing spend. Read the article, then consider that BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking) charges no fees to join the service, offers more online, search-engine-optimized content for your property, more photos, and more translated online pages than the competition. Instant World Booking also offers a fully integrated online calendar, with credit card collections, for no sign-up fee or monthly fee. In short, you have zero cost unless you have bookings. And when you do have bookings, our cost is roughly one-third the cost offered by competing services. We encourage you to sign up for a free listing at BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking) today:


The blog articles mentioned in this article can be found at the links include in the comment below.

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