New Version of XML API introduced, featuring “Get Bookings”

Instant World Booking features an advanced API, enabling accommodations to easily use feeds to:

  • Get Calendar Availability/
  • Set Calendar Availability/Allocations
  • Retrieve Bookings
  • Our latest version 2.1 was released today, and includes the capability to download bookings/reservations right from the system.  This version effectively completes Instant World Booking’s upgrade to a fully functional Calendar and Bookings XML Interface.

    If you use 3rd party software to manage your calendar or other functions, contact your provider today.  Tell them you want them to integrate with IWB.  Integration is free to you, and can usually be completed very quickly.

    To get started with our , begin by checking out our manual, or send it to your developer:

    Instant World Booking API XML Manual

    To read more about Instant World Booking’s , and who currently uses them, see:

    For more information, contact us today at:

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