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En ucuz fiyatları:

Parana, Argentina

Hostel Buena Vistadan oranları ARS 90
Parana, Mitre 449   
Hostel - Hostel Buena Vista los espera en el mejor lugar de Paranà para una atenciòn familiar
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Buenos Aires, Argentina

06 Central Hostel
Kullanıcı oyu:  4.7   (okumak yorumlar)
dan oranları ARS 92
Buenos Aires, Maipu 306   
Hostel - 06 Central Hostel is the only Buenos Aires design hostel. It is a recently beautifully restored ancient building, with modern facilities. Located in down town Buenos Aires area. Free Internet acces and wi-fi. Individual locker in dorms. Tourist info desk
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Terranova Hosteldan oranları ARS 100
Buenos Aires, Humberto Primo 670   
Hostel - Terranova Hostel
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End Of The World Gay Hosteldan oranları $6
Buenos Aires, Av Montes De Oca 256   
Hostel - Gay Hostel
Şimdi ayır
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Small Town Hostel
Kullanıcı oyu:  1.2   (okumak 5 yorumlar)
dan oranları $7
Buenos Aires, Combate De Los Pozos 122   
Hostel - Small Town Hostel is the perfect choice for those who want to have a pleasant stay in Buenos Aires without compromising their budget. Relaxed, comfortable and located just 5 minutes away from downtown, it hopes to be "your home in Buenos Aires".
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El Hostal De La Boca
Kullanıcı oyu:  2.2   (okumak 5 yorumlar)
dan oranları $8
Buenos Aires, Brown 162   
Hostel - We are at the touching point of La Boca, San Telmo and Puerto Madero neighbourhoods. We offer confortable and spacious rooms and a cool atmosphere. Ideal for students and backpackers.
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Students Housedan oranları $8
Buenos Aires, Av. Montes De Oca 258   
Hostel - The coolest house for the youth in Buenos Aires
Şimdi ayır
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La Rocca Hostel
Kullanıcı oyu:  4.5   (okumak yorumlar)
dan oranları ARS 150
Buenos Aires, 341 Callao   
Hostel - With an eclectic mix of travellers from all over the world, LA ROCCA hostel offers guests the chance to experience a home away from home. Whether you stay central, in Palermo or in an apartment, LA ROCCA's staff will help show you the magic of Bsas...
Şimdi ayır
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San Telmo Hostel
Kullanıcı oyu:  2.3   (okumak 6 yorumlar)
dan oranları $9
Buenos Aires, Av. San Juan 822   
Hostel - THE CHEAPEST BEDS IN SAN TELMO. Our hostel is the backpackers meeting point in BUENOS AIRES.s, really close to the most important and touristic places in the city. Free internet and breakfast and a vibrant atmosphere.
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Pangea Hostel Buenos Airesdan oranları $10
Buenos Aires, Entre Rios Avenue 1222   
Hostel - Charmless - Funny - Coll Atmosphere - Confortable
Şimdi ayır
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Santo Hostel of Leisure
Kullanıcı oyu:  4.9   (okumak yorumlar)
dan oranları $10
Buenos Aires, Salta 170   
Hostel - Santo Hostel is a totally refurbished 1930s three story home in the centre of Buenos Aires.
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Hostel Nomade II
Kullanıcı oyu:  3.6   (okumak yorumlar)
dan oranları $10
Buenos Aires, Humberto Primo 724   
Hostel - Hostel Nomade II in the heart of San Telmo, districto or the Tango and the foot ball
Şimdi ayır
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Hostel Tango Argentina
Kullanıcı oyu:  5.0   (okumak 2 yorumlar)
dan oranları $10
Buenos Aires, Chacabuco 747   
Hostel - Hostel en San Telmo - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Şimdi ayır
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4056 Vanilla House
Kullanıcı oyu:  4.8   (okumak yorumlar)
dan oranları $10
Buenos Aires, Cabrera 4056   
Bed and breakfast - Hostel en palermo Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Şimdi ayır
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Bue Hosteldan oranları $11
Buenos Aires, Luis Maria Campos 32   
Hostel - BUE Hostel is a mid 20th Century House which has been totally refurbished and is situated in the residential part of Palermo, which is one of the trendiest areas of Buenos Aires,
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Hostel Vivacdan oranları $11
Buenos Aires, Hipolito Yrigoyen 4109   
Hostel - Hostel, buenos Aires, argentina, alojamiento, albergue, hospedaje, residencia universitaria
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Rayuela Hosteldan oranları $12
Buenos Aires, Belgrano 887 1º   
Hostel - A hostel run by its owners; Cordiality, security, cleanliness and fun are our most important values. Our goal is to get you back
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Garden House BA
Kullanıcı oyu:  4.7   (okumak yorumlar)
dan oranları $12
Buenos Aires, San Juan 1271 - San Telmo   
Hostel - A Hostel created by and for travellers
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Cordoba, Argentina

Hostel Art
Kullanıcı oyu:  4.0   (okumak 3 yorumlar)
dan oranları ARS 100
Cordoba, Corro 112   
Hostel - Hostel Art stands out for being a great comfortable house and by an artistic atmosphere for the traveller.
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Le Grand Hostel
Kullanıcı oyu:  3.9   (okumak 3 yorumlar)
dan oranları ARS 100
Cordoba, Buenos Aires 547   
Hostel - Le Grand Hostel is the bigest hostel in Córdoba. It´s located in Nueva Córdoba neighborhood, one of the safest area in the city.
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Mediterranea Hosteldan oranları ARS 100
Cordoba, Paraná 288   
Hostel - Mediterranea Hostel Cordoba and University Residence
Şimdi ayır
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Docta Hosteldan oranları ARS 120
Cordoba, Av Colon 172 5to Piso   
Hostel - Cordoba Language Hostel cerca y al alcance de todo, en el corazon de la ciudad
Şimdi ayır
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Aldea Hostel
Kullanıcı oyu:  3.9   (okumak 8 yorumlar)
dan oranları ARS 130
Cordoba, In The Heart Of The City, Excellent Staff, Come Join Us!   
Hostel - Aldea Hostel offers you a warm place for you to feel at home, so you can enjoy everything Cordoba has to offer.
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Pomelo Hosteldan oranları ARS 130
Cordoba, San Martin 634   
Hostel - La mejor casa para tu viaje, sentite comodo, acompañado y no gastes mucho.
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Las Heras Hosteldan oranları ARS 130
Cordoba, Bv Las Heras 490   
Hostel - Las Heras Hostel proposes an alternative of accommodation at Cordoba city and Argentina. Located in a big old house fully rebuilt, with special care for common spaces with the intention to give our visitors the chance to share ideas, experiences, meals an
Şimdi ayır
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The One Hosteldan oranları ARS 180
Cordoba, Boulevard San Juan 673   
Hostel - The One Hostel es una casona residencial, ubicada en una de las principales avenidas de la ciudad de Córdoba a escasas 4 cuadras del microcentro. A sus huéspedes se les dará la mejor atención
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Mendoza, Argentina

Hostel Wineriesdan oranları ARS 100
Mendoza, Urquiza 2997 Coquimbito Bº Cavagnaro   
Hostel - The hostel is located just 30 minutes from the bus station in Maipú the famous wineries is very to visit many wineries by bicycle and we will help you rent bikes.
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Hostel Parque Centraldan oranları ARS 100
Mendoza, 25 De Mayo 1889.ciudad   
Hostel - We are lockated four blocks from dowtown, offering you a warm and friendly atmosphere so that our hostel you really at home!
Şimdi ayır
buraya tıkla
Hostel La Puertadan oranları ARS 100
Mendoza, 25 De Mayo 1011, Dorrego   
Hostel - Cross The Door and feel like at home...
Şimdi ayır
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Casa Pueblo
Kullanıcı oyu:  4.8   (okumak yorumlar)
dan oranları ARS 180
Mendoza, Pellegrini 377   
Hostel - Hostel is located 3 blocks from Mendoza bus station and 7 blocks away from the center. Hostel Casa Pueblo sets a goal to create a friendly atmosphere around its people and guests, for you can enjoy the best non-party hostel in Mendoza and feel like home.
Şimdi ayır
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San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche Backpackers Hosteldan oranları ARS 120
San Carlos de Bariloche, Av. San Martin 82 - Bariloche , Rio Negro   
Hostel - Our hostel is a place to start your adventure with the Patagonia nature, meet people from around the world and get fun in the places nearby…
Şimdi ayır
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Solentiname Hostel Culturaldan oranları ARS 120
San Carlos de Bariloche, Av. Bustillo 3772   
Hostel - Solentiname es un pequeño hostel ubicado frente al Lago Nahuel Huapi y a pocos minutos del centro de la ciudad que ofrece un clima cálido y hogareño.
Şimdi ayır
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Hostel Achalaydan oranları ARS 200
San Carlos de Bariloche, Morales 564   
Hostel - Achalay is a family run, cosy, friendly hostel with a cool atmosphere located in the heart of downtown Bariloche.
Şimdi ayır
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San Telmo, Argentina

Hostel One
Kullanıcı oyu:  4.6   (okumak yorumlar)
dan oranları ARS 140
San Telmo, Bolivar 1291   
Hostel - A lovelly 1900's House in the middle of San Telmo.
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Salta, Argentina

Hostal Quaradan oranları ARS 150
Salta, Santiago Del Estero 125   
Hostel - Hostal Quara se caracteriza por la buena atencion y calidez humana, cuenta con un total de 51 plazas para albergar a personas de todo el mundo. En este lugar podras conocer y forgar amistades, hacer asados y compartir buenos momentos.
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En ucuz yatak ve kahvaltı ve ucuz B & B Argentina - Bed Breakfast Traveler.

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