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Why a Booking Engine on your Website is Vitally Important for B&Bs

Published on March 8, 2014 By John D. Ross

Here are some reasons why instant online booking capability on a Bed & Breakfast’s website is vitally important: B&B’s can offer incentive pricing for direct booking on their website versus OTAs. Encourages international guests, and can actually increase the diversity of guest demographics. Helps capture reservations from potential guests that would otherwise leave the website […]

Time for a New Booking Engine

Published on December 3, 2013 By John D. Ross

Time for a New Booking Engine! Get a new IWB Booking Engine for your website. New for 2014, Instant World Booking offers the guaranteed lowest cost versus any competing solution. So, now is the time to switch. Shop around, then come to Instant World Booking. Try it today with no contracts, no obligation. Instant World […]

Talking about Increasing Your Web Exposure for Online Bookings

Published on October 18, 2012 By John D. Ross

When it comes to your accommodation & lodging business, having the right exposure is key.  You want to maximize your potential for online bookings from multiple channels.   But, you don’t want to have all the work of managing your information and updating your calendars on all those channels, right? This is the type of discussion […]

How to Get Channel Management for your B&B

Published on January 24, 2012 By Sarah T. Bronson

The interest level in IWB Channel Manager is incredible.  A number of questions have been received about how to get the quickest access to this service.  We’ll answer this question here. Well, you need to start by having a free listing on BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking), which provides free marketing, a high-end calendar system, and access […]

New Booking Engines, Lower Prices for 2011

Published on November 1, 2010 By Sarah T. Bronson

Following is a letter published to our fellow members of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (paii.org): We wish to introduce to you our new Booking Engines (Online Reservation System) for 2011.  They’re available right now!  BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking) believes that this announcement is quite timely.  Economic conditions in North America, and for the B&B industry […]

Rezovation Booking Engine? Switch now and Get $200 Back

Published on May 19, 2010 By Sarah T. Bronson

If you use Rezovation for your website’s booking engine, or a similar service like Webervations or other BedandBreakfast.com product, consider switching today and get $200.00 back.  Do you want to save a lot of money AND have a superior booking engine for your website?  Check out BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking), and learn why our booking engine services are better […]

Webervations Booking Engine? Switch Now and Get $200 Back

Published on May 12, 2010 By Sarah T. Bronson

If you’re using Webervations’ Booking Engine for your bed & breakfast or inn website, switch now and receive up to $200.00 back.  Contact BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking) for more information, or see the following page to learn more about our booking engine services: http://www.bedbreakfasttraveler.com/booking-engine.php Not only does BedBreakfastTraveler.com offer a better and more flexible solution than Webervations, […]

BedandBreakfast.com Booking Engine? Switch now and receive $200

Published on May 5, 2010 By Sarah T. Bronson

Do you use BedandBreakfast.com or a similar Booking Engine for your bed and breakfast website?  Do you also want to save a lot of money.  BedBreakfastTraveler.com (Instant World Booking) is offering a promotion if you switch now from a competing booking engine.  Receive up to $200.00 back when you switch today.  Contact BedBreakfastTraveler.com for more information, or see […]

Advanced Features of our New Booking Engine for your B&B Website

Published on April 19, 2010 By Sarah T. Bronson

BedBreakfastTraveler.com’s latest booking engine for Bed & Breakfast websites offers many advanced features not available from BedandBreakfast.com, Webervations, Rezovations, or other comparable services.  Most of all it’s cheaper than the rest.  Check out our Demos of B&B Booking Engines. To demonstrate how our online reservations for your B&B website compare with other providers, here is […]

Return on Investment and the Lifetime Value of a Guest

Published on May 9, 2009 By Sarah T. Bronson

We recently read with great interest the blog entries by Eric Goldreyer, the CEO of Bedandbreakfast.com. Intelligent and well-spoken, Eric speaks in one article of the Lifetime Value of a Guest. In short, this is the value a B&B earns over a lifetime by bringing in one guest. Lifetime Value of a Guest is usually […]