Rezovation Booking Engine? Switch now and Get $200 Back

If you use Rezovation for your website’s booking engine, or a similar service like Webervations or other product, consider switching today and get $200.00 back.  Do you want to save a lot of money AND have a superior booking engine for your website?  Check out (Instant World Booking), and learn why our booking engine services are better than Rezovation and the rest: offers a superior and more flexible solution for your website’s booking engine.  If you’re already using Rezovation, just compare costs and features.  There’s no obligation or cost to check out a demo booking engine from   So, why overpay?  We already offer lower rates than Rezovation and other competing providers.  We also offer more services and options, including deposit and payment options not available elsewhere.  In addition to our already lower rates, when you switch now from a competing provider, receive an additional $200.00 back.  Contact us today for more details and to receive your demo.

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Questions about’s Booking Engine for B&B Websites

Maybe you’re considering a new booking engine for your bed and breakfast website.  Maybe you’re looking for a better solution at a lower price.  Here are some of the questions you should be asking:

  1. What do you mean by “almost cost-free solution”?
  2. Are my customers charged a service fee?
  3. Can I still keep all my other third party services and software when I use this booking engine for my website?
  4. Am I required to use other services or software by Instant World Booking?
  5. What is Full No-show (failure to arrive) and Cancellation protection?
  6. How do I receive my deposit payments?
  7. What special discounts are available if I switch today from a competing provider?

To get the answer to these and other important questions about booking engines for your website, please see: Bed and Breakfast Booking Engines and DEMOS.

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