#1 Beach in America – Siesta Key Sarasota Florida

As a bed and breakfast in a tourist area, you want to include as much value-added information for your guests as possible, especially on your website.  Provide links to important articles on blogs and other websites dealing with the latest tourism news in your area.  Here is just one example, dealing with Siesta Key in Sarasota, , which has been voted the number 1 in the USA.

is pretty shifty stuff. No beach is static. All moves up and down the coastline because of wind, storms and currents. The shifting dune is a common phenomenon in sandy areas. If the is eroding in one place, it’s building up somewhere else. Prevailing winds roll the surface from the bottom of the windward side of the dune over the top and down the leeward side, so that in time the entire dune may be rolled for miles.

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Nobody can calculate how many eons of time have passed since Siesta Key sand first appeared from fragmented rock, but Siesta Key sand is quite old. We know this not only because of the very fine grains, but also because other components of the original rock, such as feldspar, mica and other minerals, have almost completely disappeared, leaving only the extremely hard quartz.

Siesta Key’s have been recognized for cleanliness, water quality and safety by one of the world’s top experts, Dr. Stephen Leatherman (also known as “Dr. Beach”) of the National Healthy Campaign, and qualifies as a Blue Wave Beach by the Clean Council. The ranks Siesta as one of Florida’s, and America’s, top ten beaches.

So now you know why Siesta Key sand is ranked tops in the world. It feels soft and cool to your bare feet, even in the strongest – and that means great beach walking. Sculptors love it too, because it packs down firm and smooth, which makes for awesome at the island’s contests.

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